Valentines Day 2015

“Invite the church to The Fountain on Valentine’s Day. On that day there will be a special Power and Anointing at The Fountain,” said God to Pastor Nathaniel.

Before a single blade of grass or teaspoon of dirt was moved to build The Century Fountain God spoke that the contractor’s wife must come and walk the ground. It was 10 PM at night and she had to catch a flight from Atlanta to California at 8 AM the next morning. At nearly midnight she came and walked the ground.

The unusual thing about this was that she readily agreed to go with her husband at such a late hour without complaint or comment. It was not understood at the time why “SHE” had to walk the ground but later it became clear. SHE has a very unusual spirit of peace that transmits to those around her.

She was one of the seven speakers during the dedication on 1/20/2015 and while she spoke one person said they felt something “go through” them and they instantly knew something had changed. They (as many do) had been having marital issues. When they got home, their spouse was changed and has remained so.

“That dedication changed my life and I felt something when she spoke,” they said.

On the day of the dedication Pastor Nathaniel came back to the office around 8:30 PM and stayed until 10:30 PM. As he left the office at 10:30 at night there was a lady and a man standing at The Century Fountain. He walked over to them.

The lady explained that she had been at the dedication earlier in the day and had felt a power and a peace flowing from The Century Fountain and she felt something when “SHE” spoke. “We’ve been having some problems in our relationship and I went home and got my husband to come stand at this fountain,” she said.

“IĀ felt so much power and peace flowing from this fountain that I went home and got my husband and brought him back even though it was late at night.”

A woman with an super unusual spirit of peace had to walk the ground and perhaps some of that anointing was deposited in the foundation. Perhaps all who visit The Century Fountain will feel that peace and may depart with a portion of that peace within them.

Valentine’s Day is the day that symbolizes love relationships. On that day is a special Power and Anointing. Come to The Century Fountain on Valentine’s Day and potentially feel the power of God’s Love infuse your relationship with renewed Peace and Joy.

Below is an email the contractor sent to Pastor Nathaniel when he asked his wife to speak at the dedication.


Monica asked what should she speak about for the dedication. I could not answer that. We both have very little experience in this area. Is there a protocol for a dedication? I did perform my first baby dedication, but your advice is needed is this area.

I suggested maybe speaking on her spirit, this woman is wonderful. She doesn’t complain about anything: finances, house, nothing. Every morning, there has not been one time, where she woke up in a bad mood. She is always happy, and joyful, and playful, and full of laughter.

From the minute she opens her eyes, there is joy. I asked her mother about this, because I knew this was very unusual, and her mother stated that she has always been that way. Even as a baby, she would wake up happy and playful.

When I bought this house, I had already made the vow that I would not get married again, so this was my bachelor pad, and I know it is not exactly what she wants, but she will not, and has not ever, complained. Finances are not where they should be, she is the only one working, not one complaint.

I’m so blessed, I’ve already got a continuous flow of peace, joy, and love. Not one major argument, joy at night, in the morning, and all day long. No complaining.

When Charlie was attending intercessory prayer at his church, he would attend bible study on Wednesday night, and spend the night at my house to attend a 5 am prayer service. She would cook for us, prepare his plate, and wait on him as well as me, not one complaint. This went on at least 3 years, not one complaint.

All the kids that I’m involved with, including single moms and young ladies, I’ve got children scattered all over, and grand babies, she supports me with all of that.
(Note: Rev. Shorter helps fatherless children in his ministry, these are NOT his children!)

My sister Betty, apparently saw all of this in her, and the first time she met her, literally got on her knee, and asked Monica to marry me. Monica said, “Yes,” then, but it took me another year to ask her myself. She’s in the kitchen right now, baking homemade sweet potato pies. Just as happy as she can be.

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Rev. Wesley Shorter