The Vision

Prophecy Concerning The Century Fountain Dedication


When Pastor Nathaniel began the fountain dedication service, I sat down in my seat and God gave me a vision.
This was the vision:

While I sat, I looked up in the sky because God’s presence was strong. When I looked up, I saw a host of heavenly Angels! As I continued to look up, the sky opened up and I saw something so majestic, beautiful and glorious.

When the sky opened, I saw a huge assembly area. This area was filled with heavenly angels and creatures looking down at the service. As I continued to look, I then saw the Glory Cloud (pillar of cloud), which represents God and His presence. There was the Throne of God with Christ seated at His right hand. Also present was the Holy Spirit represented by the pillar of flames. The Trinity was present and they were looking down upon the service.

Immediately, I heard the voice of God say that He was pleased because of your obedience (Pastor Nathaniel); and because you obeyed, He was going to pour out His blessings upon you and the company and He has added to your destiny.

God has placed an additional covering of Angels upon the grounds of Century Systems. One Angel stands near the statue of the woman and two stand by the fountain (one on each side).

The lives of those who walk among the grounds shall be changed.

Prosperity, healing, restoring of relationships and spiritual growth shall flow from this fountain. For God has ordained this time and this season for growth and blessings, creative miracles and inventions to build the Kingdom of God. Even now as I sit here, I had a vision that God took His finger and dipped it into the fountain.

As the fountain continuously flows with water so shall God’s presence be encamped in and around Century Systems!

~written by Prophet Dexter Harden concerning the 1-20-2015 dedication service~ 120 SELIG DR SW, ATLANTA, GA 30336