On December 10, 2014, Pastor Nathaniel called me in response to an email that I sent him concerning the water feature in The Healing Garden at The Ark. I volunteered to maintain the beautiful area but did not anticipate that the main feature of the Garden, which is the pond, was leaking, and in desperate need of repair. As we began to talk, I carefully explained my diagnosis to him, it was my hope that he would approve a higher budget and allow me to replace it, but to my shock and amazement, he spoke the following.

“I hear God speaking to me, God says that I must install the fountain at Century, and that will represent a continuous flow, which God said was coming.” He also said that “God spoke a budget amount that could not be exceeded by one penny.”

As he continued to speak, he then stated that “there must be a continual flow of water by the New Year.”

Command after command came as the excitement grew to overwhelming proportions as we discussed the details surrounding the revelation. I thought to myself, “How in the world did we go from the pond at The Ark, to a fountain at Century, Pastor Nathaniel’s business? This is strange, yet, I knew that this was divine appointment.”

The musings continued as he spoke out what he was hearing. Somewhere in the conversation, I mentioned that my wife was scheduled for an early morning flight to California for business the very next morning. He paused and stated, “God said that Monica must walk the property at Century before she departs for the airport.”

We had a hearty laugh as he asked me to apologize to Monica on his behalf, because he knew that was asking a bit much, As strange as that sounded, the command was still followed. Monica and I drove over to Century and arrived around 11:50 pm. We took a midnight stroll around Century in the cold brisk air, and left shortly after midnight.

I didn’t sleep very well that night, IT WAS ON, I was a man on a mission from God.

Years ago, Pastor Nathaniel purchased a huge, chainsaw carved eagle, and had it installed on the property. I saw that eagle in the fountain. But moving this monster of a structure would prove challenging, but, that was the basis of the design, so it had to happen. I felt led to do some biblical research on the eagle and found a scripture that took me and the Pastor for a loop. Revelations 12:14.

(READ IT). The domain name for Century Systems is TheWoman.com, so the project was named, The Woman and The Eagle. The Pastor had forgotten that he already had a logo designed months prior of a woman with wings.

I am eternally grateful to The Father, for using and entrusting me with such a profound task. And I pray that continual flow will flow too, and through me, IT IS FINISHED.

The contractor for The Century Fountain, Rev. Wesley Shorter, CustomDoIt.com