What is the voice and sound that constantly plays?

It is the USB Flash Drive with Words for Healing and the audio Bible from HealingCD.com

What are the hours for viewing The Century Fountain?

24/7. The Century Fountain is outside and it is lighted. You may come by at any hour of any day or night.

The Fountain is monitored by video constantly and the police station is next door.

What do I do once I get there?

Enjoy the view but stand and ask God to speak to you. You will hear the Word of God playing constantly at The Century Fountain. The entire Bible and the Words for Healing CD plays randomly. After asking God to speak to you, listen carefully to what is spoken. There is a bench and table for you to sit or bring your food and eat. Please be respectful, pick up your trash and place it in the nearby trash bin before leaving.

Can I throw coins in the water like a wishing well?

No. There are fish in the pool and we do not collect any money for The Century Fountain. Do not put your money in the pool; put it in people to help others.

What is the spiritual basis behind The Century Fountain?

Read The Prophetic Vision and The History of The Century Fountain to learn of The Century Fountain’s spiritual foundation.

Can I make a donation to The Century Fountain?

The Century Fountain is actually built and maintained by Century Systems Inc. The president of CSI is a pastor of a church. You are welcomed to make a donation to the church at AirJesus.com.

Can I go inside and tour the building?

No. The building houses an A rated GMP certified manufacturing facility and outside visits are not allowed. If you need to use the restroom while visiting during normal business hours ask the receptionist for a visitor’s pass and you will be escorted to the restrooms.

What is the statue of The Woman?

The Woman is the phone number, website and logo of Century Systems and represents The Power of Mother Nature. TheWoman.com 1-800-TheWoman

What if I experience a miracle or something else unusual at The Century Fountain?

Please Contact Us and give us your testimony. The easiest way to do this is with the Contact Us link. You can actually record your testimony with your phone and upload it with the Attach a file link on the Contact Us page.

Can I take and post pictures and video?

Yes, you may use the pictures or video taken at The Century Fountain without restriction for online or commercial use. The Century Fountain is for use by the world.